Buying a house is one of life’s biggest decisions, so it’s no surprise that the prospect can be intimidating for many. Below are three of the top concerns and questions I’ve heard first home buyers express:

  • “What can I afford?” When you start looking at homes, get prequalified or pre-approved through a lender so you will know what you can realistically afford. If you don’t have a lender in mind, ask your real estate agent for a recommendation.
  • “How will I know if the house I’m considering is ‘sound’?” I’m a huge advocate of being fully informed when making any major purchase. That’s why I tell my clients to hire a reputable inspector who can check the home’s structural integrity, electrical, plumbing and heating. Also, I obtain the seller’s disclosure, when available, as it can reveal any red flags concerning the property.
  • “The process is going to be overwhelming – there are so many houses out there!” Before looking, get focused. Think about what you really want and what you can live without. When meeting with my clients during buyer’s consultations, I ask my clients to list their top five “must haves,” followed by “nice to haves” and, last, their property turnoffs. Having this kind of honest conversation helps me provide my clients with on-point options.

Take a deep breath: the bottom line is that being a homeowner can be empowering and exhilarating. You can’t beat that feeling of ownership and financial power!

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