White continues to be one of the most-popular shades for new and updated kitchens, likely because it’s so versatile, complementing both traditional and modern design styles. In fact, according to a recent study by design site Houzz, nearly half of all new kitchens boast white cabinetry.

But, what if your kitchen is a little too white? Combat the “white out” effect by adding warmth and contrast. An easy way to do this is by adding tasteful splashes of color.

For example, a vivid piece of art – whether a painting, framed print or sculpture – commands attention and exudes personality. A few touches of greenery throughout a white kitchen look great and makes the kitchen seem more inviting. Fruit also serves a dual purpose: it’s obviously edible, but also can look beautiful when placed in a pretty fruit bowl or display. One or two colorful kitchen towels hung on center island towel bars or the oven handle also add some punch.

The key is to take a minimalist approach. Just a few “pops” of color around the kitchen makes a big impact.